Techniques and self-adhesives foams

Adhesive Drips

Anti drip tapes ArmaTec

ArmaTec manufacturing the tape is made with elastomeric foam material based on synthetic rubber adhesive on one side.The main characteristic of ArmaTec tape is insulation flexible closed cell structure and with a high factor of resistance to diffusion of water vapor.The peculiarities of ArmaTec tape are easy installation, saving time, gas expansion manufactured without CFC material classification M1.

Acoustic tape partition AcustiTec

  Made of polyethylene foam tape closed physically cross linked acrylic adhesive applied to one or both sides, without paper protect.Acoustic band partitioning profiles positioned between surfaces, so breaking the bridge and increasing the acoustic insulation.No harm the environment and does not include heavy metals or dangerous additives in its composition. No incorporates CFCs or HCFCs.It is available in rolls of 30 meters and width of 30, 50, 70 and 90 mm.

Acrylic Tapes

Cintas Adhesivas Acrilicas